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There are very few times that someone can actually see Santa's Sleigh. On a starry Christmas night when the moon is bright maybe, just maybe, you can see the silhouette of Santa and the sleigh pulled by reindeer crossing the sky.


Santa has been using and repairing his sleigh each year for the past 500 years. While the population of the world has grown Santa's sleigh has felt the strain of ever increasing demands.

The following story begins December 26th, 2009.

The day after Christmas, Santa's family and All the Elves gathered for their annual meeting and festival. Everyone was dressed in their finest clothes and even the reindeer wore ribbons around their necks and in their antlers. Today was the day that they all started planning for the next Christmas.

Everyone was busy except Elf Ramon who had the responsibility to make repairs to Santa's sleigh. Ramon sat on a pile of snow away from the other elves, slowly shaking his head and muttering to himself. "What can I do?" he said, "What can I do to fix it?"

Santa could see that Ramon was deeply troubled and went to him to see what was wrong. "What is bothering you Ramon?" asked Santa. "I'm sorry Santa," said Ramon, "but I have patched the patches so many times I am afraid that your sleigh will fall apart on your next flight and I don't know what to do."

Mrs. Claus listened carefully, thought a moment and declared, "Goodness Gracious Land Sakes Alive", "I guess that it is time for Santa to build a new sleigh!!"

And so it came to pass... Santa built a new sleigh - the following pictures show the sleigh while it is being built.

The Sleigh is approximately 6' wide, 14 feet long and almost 7 feet tall and complete with all manner of new technologies - GPS system, Vertical lift capabilities and, Vortex wormhole connections with the toy workshop to name a few.

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