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There are a variety of events you can schedule with Santa. Just choose one, and refer to the Reservations page for step by step instructions to book your visit.

When Santa visits children, he'll review this year's Naughty and Nice book, offer his lap for gift requests, answer questions and pose for photos. Please have a token gift ready for Santa's bag to give to each child. Write the name on the gift with a felt pen, then Santa will load up his toy bag with your gifts before making his entrance.


Santa carrying giftbag
Santa will come to the comfort of your home to visit with your children and others while he's in Huntsville, Alabama, meeting with NASA for sleigh modifications. Have a chair ready by the fireplace for a memorable encounter with Santa. Visits are available in 1/2 and 1 hour increments. A 30-minute visit works with up to 12 children taking turns on Santa's lap. If the 30-minute visit is for 8 children or fewer, Santa will read The Night Before Christmas. For more information about "Home Visits" contact Santa.


Santa posing in front of a Christmas Tree
You and your neighbor group together can purchase a one-hour (or more) visit with Santa. The fee is paid by one family. Please note: immediate family and grandparents only. Due to the limited time available, this visit only works with up to 6 children. If you are having a large family gathering, the private party option or hourly rate will apply. Each family visit lasts 25 minutes.


Santa sitting comfortably
Share the magic of the season with that someone special and for a brief time with "The guy in the Red Suit." Imagine the surprise when your friend, lover or spouse is greeted at the door by a Real Bearded Santa delivering a special gift or card from you. Santa will spend a little time and pose for photos. This visit will be scheduled between daily bookings when time permits. Phone and email contact will be essential. If you want to share this experience with your immediate neighbors, the Santa in the Neighborhood option is also available to you because everyone is a child in Santa's eyes.


Santa visiting the Heart Center
Let the Guy in Red jingle his bells and spread the cheer. Santa will pass out cards (bonuses or gifts from the boss?) and offer token gifts to the boys and girls present. Put out a donation cup for everyone to contribute to the booking fee. Contact Santa for a reservation today. Office and workplace visits are scheduled from noon to 3 p.m. daily. For corporate and business promotions and events, please visit our commercial interests website at


Santa greeting children and adults
For adult parties or parties of more than 12 children, contact us for 30-minute or one-hour rates. For corporate and business promotions and events, please visits our commercial interests website at

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