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How to Book a Reservation with Santa

We have changed the Booking and Reservation method this year making it easier for you to reserve your Santa visit. We have combined the forms creating one form that has all the information that Santa needs to reserve your space on Santa's busy calendar. Santa will review your Booking/Reservation form and check the availability of the dates and times you have requested. In the event we are unable to offer the requested dates and times we will call you to discuss alternative available calendar openings. If your date and time request is available Santa will pencil in your request on his calendar. Due to changing personal schedules your reservation will not be a committed date until Santa has received a deposit (or full payment) for your requested visit.


Bookings/Reservations requested before October 1st require a $50 deposit. Bookings/Reservations requested after October 1st require a $100 deposit. Deposits are non-refundable unless canceled 40 days prior to the visit ("NO EXCEPTIONS").

After November 24th all Booking/Reservations including those placed prior this date, must be paid in full to reserve your visit. Deposits and payments may be received by mail with a check for the amount. The deposit/reservation payment letter must be postmarked within 24 hours of receiving communication from Santa confirming your reservation.

Bookings and reservations are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. All reservations are considered tentative and still available to other clients unless secured by a deposit/reservation and/or full payment.


Please contact us for Santa Visits pricing or a customized quote for Santa and his Sleigh.

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All Reservations are entered and date stamped as they are received. If you book time with SantaGregg after Nov 24th, full payment is due to secure your booking unless otherwise noted.
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