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Gregg Turk, a resident of Somerville, Alabama is a proud grandfather who trained to be a professional Santa graduating as a Master Santa from "The International University of Santa Claus" after retiring from 35 years in the wood working and construction industries. Since that time, Gregg's passion and dedication to being a Santa has captured the imagination of thousands of young people in Alabama and surrounding states. Santa Gregg, a member of FORBS, "The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santa's", is committed to continuing to spread happiness wherever he is needed.
Santa's Sleigh With Reindeer

Santa Gregg completed his custom-built Sleigh back in 2009. The Sleigh, which is more than 14' long and almost 7' tall, has been unveiled in a series of public appearances over the years and has generated enourmous enthusiasm and excitement. This was a great achievement for Santa Gregg Turk, a retired wood worker, who has spent over 1600 hours working on the enormous wooden Sleigh. Turk built the Sleigh in his wood shop in Somerville using custom milled lumber, sawed from logs from his own sawmill. He designed the Sleigh trying to imagine what it would look like if he had built it 500 years ago. Aside from the era-specific leather three-person seating area and the hand-carved decorative pieces, the Sleigh features a huge trunk for presents and a platform staircase to make it easy for children to climb onboard. Although the Sleigh is equipped with imaginative and flashy on-board dash controls for GPS and Vertical Lift, Santa Gregg prefers to haul the Sleigh to his public appearances using his bright red trailer. Inspired by the premise that regardless of age we are all eager to re-live the joys of Christmas, Santa Gregg has truly created a most memorable real-life visualization of "Santa and His Sleigh".

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